IMSI Change turns your phone into a real sophisticated counterintelligence weapon. The IMSI Change feature does not require an Internet connection, third-party servers or monthly subscriptions. This special feature runs locally on the phone (sandbox partition) and is a unique feature that no other phone currently offers.

The IMSI change function allows the user to change the IMSI value (SIM registration number stored on the SIM card) while keeping the same phone number (MSISDN).

How does it work?

The phone clones any inserted SIM card (please use only MNO SIM cards) using an app located in the sandbox: IMSI Virtual Engine. After cloning, the real SIM card is quarantined and a virtual SIM card is used instead, which can change its IMSI by generating valid IMSIs. Please note that misuse of this feature may result in SIM rejection (network dependent). Use it carefully.

IMSI Change does not work automatically the way IMEI Change works. The user should start IMSI Change every time a new IMSI is needed, generate a new virtual IMSI and then exit the application. The newly generated IMSI will be used only for the next outgoing or incoming call. After that, the phone returns to the original IMSI. If a new IMSI is needed, the whole process should be repeated.
Please note that the MSISDN (the phone number) does not change when you use the IMSI change function.
The IMSI change function will turn your Nokia 3310 Stealth Phone into one of the most powerful communication weapons: you will literally have a new SIM (IMSI) for every single phone call. Use this function with caution.

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