Are XCell Stealth Phones legal?

Read the text below to make sure they are legal.

Undoubtedly, there are no legal or technical restrictions on the use of XCell Stealth Phones within the EU or anywhere in the world. In fact, there have been no legal problems for exports, even for non-democratic regimes, nor for our buyers using XCell Stealth Phones. This is the reason:

Since the user can restore the original IMEI at any time, there are no legal problems. This is the real reason why we allow the user to restore the original IMEI.

Changing the IMEI of a stolen phone forever (without the ability to restore the original IMEI) is different from a legal point of view, a thing that is considered illegal in several countries (which also use an IMEI ban for stolen phones), but this is not the case. XCell Stealth Phones are used around the globe without any legal issues mainly by law enforcement and government agencies, but also by politicians, lawyers and high-ranking people who cannot take legal risks.

Conclusion: You can buy any XCell Stealth Phone and use it without any legal problems.

A special note for Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates: You need license documents to import a cell phone from another country, no matter which cell phone you import. This regulation applies to any cell phone you want to import.